The Great Depression

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 The New Deal

The Great Depression, in the United States, started on October 29th, 1929. This day was considered as "Black Tuesday". The stock market crashed, banks had no money, people were losing jobs, people were helpless. During the Great Depression, the president was Herbert Hoover. He was against giving direct relief. He thought that it would destroy self-reliance and individualism. He thought that if he gave direct relief, people would start to depend on the government for everything and not themselves. Later, in 1932, Franklin Roosevelt running for president and so was Herbert Hoover.Hoover and Roosevelt were presidential candidates. Roosevelt took advantage of the situation with the Great Depression to raise his votes to be president. Without doubt, Roosevelt won the elections. When Roosevelt became president, in 1933, he gave relief to those suffering. President Roosevelt had make promised to lift the economy. To have the U.S be financially better. When Roosevelt was president, he introduced many new laws that were approved faster than usual. He came up with The New Deal. The New Deal was all the federal laws that Roosevelt approved of. The New Deal had four main goals. One goal was to have the economy recover, to make everything financially better. The other goal was to provide jobs for those who were unemployed. The 3rd and fourth goals were to build many beautiful public work and to reshape their surroundings. The New deal has programs such as the CCC, FERA, CWA, WPA, and PWA. This helped many Americans get jobs, feed their familes, and they were helping their community. The New Deal didn't neccessarily get the U.S.A out of the Great Depression, but it helped a lot. The U.S.A was on it's way out of these terrible years.
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