The Great Debate, Science vs Religion

Topics: God, Atheism, Religion Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: April 5, 2014


Religion. “the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods”. Religion is looked at differently by every single individual. There is no proof, no evidence, just faith. Religion is based strictly off of one’s faith. Without faith there would be no religion because there would be nothing to believe in. Every single individual has or has had faith in something. People practice faith every day without even knowing it. Every morning when people hop into their car they have faith that they are going to make it to their destination safely. Religion is a very reasonable concept. There are so many questions about humanity that can only be answered by religion. Science can only answer so many questions, the rest need faith in order to be answered. For example Ellie Arroway claimed that she was not faithful. This was proven wrong as she was willing to go into the machine not knowing what the outcome would be. She had faith that the machine was going to work and take her to Vega. Nobody understood the science behind the machine including Ellie, but everyone had faith in it working. Richard Dawkings compared faith in God/Religion to faith in Santa Claus or an imaginary friend. This is understandable because there is equally enough evidence that God exists as there is evidence that Santa exists. Ellie and Richard were both scientists. They know and understand concepts that other humans may not. They both know that science is capable of answering 90% of our universes questions. They clearly assume that science created the universe and that it has nothing to do with religion. When you think about it “God” can seem extremely unrealistic. Mainly because there is no evidence to back him up. Scientists base all of their discoveries on evidence. Since there is no evidence of God it is hard for Ellie and Richard to believe in him. That is why they say that faith in god is “delusional”. When Ellie...
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