The Great Day of My Life

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The day that I left my girlfriend was definitely the great day of my life. First of all,even though it

has happened for two years but I got the impression that it’s was yesterday. The great feeling of

that wise decision always stays with me until now. At that special moment, when the word

Goodbye came out of my mouth, it set me free forever. Nothing on this earth can describe that

amazing feeling. The feeling of freedom lift my spirits and self-esteem up . It was like I had a

sensation of cold in my feet, hot in my head, and numb in my entire body. It was extremely

exciting when I figured out that I’m no longer a slave who was suffered enough by a little girl.

Following this further, my Great Day also changed me from head to toe. It gave me an

opportunity to be a good son, a pattern of virtues for my sister. I used to lie to my mom, trick my

sister with no regrets. I still remember the most embarrassing thing that I did to my little sister:

spending all of her one-year-saving money to buy a small birthday gift for the girl. It’s said that

“ Love will do everything” but there’s something on my conscience told me to stop. Since I

couldn’t stand that, soon I realized that I’m able to be an honest man that I always wish to be.

And finally, the Great Day showed me the dream of my life that I’m going to achieve. I want my

life to mean something: I started to know how to make memories and plan goals; I want to look

back and be proud of what I’ve accomplished. I want to be helpful: not for just a girl but for

everyone. In conclusion, the day that I started to know the real happiness, the day that I put an

end to my love story, that was the great day of my life.
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