The Great Commission

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The Great Commission to Worship

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Mechelle Roberson

The overall concept of Great Commission is that “many times in Scripture it appears that while God is always our object of worship, the concept of obtaining salvation (evangelism) appears to be the motivation.”1 Authors Wheeler and Whaley intertwine their experience in the areas of worship and evangelism and present to readers a great book that pursues to describe the main focus of the Christian and Church. Evangelism is understood as spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The main points proclaimed in the book are worship and evangelism. “Since the Christian life is meant to be an open invitation to join Christ ‘on mission’ as obedient multiplying believers, evangelism and worship are both hatched from the same egg. Ultimately, it is impossible to claim one without the other.”2 Worship and evangelism is a spiritual ingredient to Believers who desire to live a life of obedience unto God. God created us in His image to glorify and worship Him, and He poured out His spirit so we as Believers can be His true disciples. A Great Commission worshiper is an individual completely sold out for Jesus Christ. He is willing to be lead by God and because of his love for Him; he is more than willing to share with others his relationship with Jesus Christ. The author’s goal is to conjoined worship and evangelism. A worshipper who is obedient to God’s Word shares the love of God by evangelizing. Concrete Response

After reading the book, I have reflected over my life to define when there was a time true worship was exemplified in my life. I immediately recalled when my husband and I were experiencing difficulty in our marriage. Like most newlyweds, I wanted to give up! I no longer wanted to fight for this holy union. It was not worth it anymore. There was a war between right and wrong going on in my mind. It no longer mattered to me that I was a Christian. I did not want subject myself to this relationship. Especially, when I believed I was being slighted. Well, Jesus heard my despairing cry and He sent a response on my behalf. Sitting in Sunday school, I was reminded by the Holy Spirit of my love for Jesus Christ. I heard the Sunday school teacher say to the class “how much do you love Him”. It hit my soul like a ton of bricks. I knew my love for Jesus was far greater than my troubles. Jesus spoke to me that day through the teacher. He began to show me that out of my obedience true worship is born. I remind myself of this revelation when the enemy tries to damper my mind with negative thoughts regarding my marriage. I shall endure as a true worshipper! It is through this experience when I realized my love for God. II Corinthians, and he said unto me, my grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. I am so glad He loved me enough to speak to my heart that morning. What a mighty God I serve! He knew our lives would one day display a union of worship. We will celebrate fifteen years this year of marriage. God is good! Reflection

If I had a critique about The Great Commission to Worship, it would be the various thesis and definitions of the similar term. I often lost focus or direct understanding of what the true relationship between evangelism and worship. Worship seems to represent many different definitions based on certain situations. For example, “Love God”3. There were variations of formational worship: “two-way relationship, shapes our calling, defines our submission, and determines our successes, based on theology, etc.”4 It would have been easier to follow if the authors would have summarized the definition to incorporate all...
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