The Great Chicago Fire

Topics: Great Chicago Fire, Chicago, Illinois Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: October 1, 2014
.The Great Chicago Fire
The Great Chicago Fire was a huge conflagration that had happened on October, 8th, 1871. Even today this tragic incident is considered one of the biggest disasters in the history of the United States. This blaze caused the entire city of Chicago to be rebuilt. Even though several years have passed after this calamity, still it is unsure who caused that fire. Because the fire broke out in the barn behind home of Patrick and Catherine O Leary, many people believe that O Leary is the one who ignited the fire. However, it is too unclear to conclude that she started this tragic incident because there are too many opinions and hypothesis surrounding this incident. According to what a lot of people say, Mrs. O Leary’s was in the barn when one of her cows kicked over a lantern, which caused the fire that consumed the whole Chicago City. By the time firefighters arrived, the blaze had spread out everywhere and it was totally uncontrollable. Two days later, the fire finally stopped rampaging because the rain began to fall. However, the damage was too severe. 300 people died and 100000 people became homeless. Also 200 million worth of property was completely defaced and destroyed. Mrs. O Leary was blamed. However, she made a confession that she and her family were asleep when the fire broke out. “Kate O'Leary offered sworn testimony that she was in bed when the fire started, and the official inquiry concluded that it found no proof of her guilt.” Also, every media source offers different things about the start of this accident. For example, some say that “Some boys were sneaking a smoke or gambling in the barn.” In conclusion, no matter how long people argue, the truth will never be revealed. The reason is that each media source says a different story. On the other hand, it might have just started naturally since most building in Chicago were made of wood which was highly flammable and it was very hot summer. The point is, the cause of...
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