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the great big blob

By johnapplegreen Jan 07, 2014 344 Words

Author: The Author of this piece is unknown.

Prior Knowledge: Before I read this piece I knew that Ivan III was also called czar or the New Caesar and I also knew that he was one of the kings who helped Russia expand it’s territory.

Place and Time: This document happened while the rule and the life of Ivan III, which was from about 1440 in Russia.

Audience: This document was made for everyone who wants to learn about Ivan III’s life and about what things he did to make Russia a better country.

Reason: The reason this document was made was to inform the people about Ivan III’s rule in Russia.

Tone: The tone of this piece is informative because the author is informing us about Ivan’s achievements to Russia.

Significance: The significance of this document is that we are learning more about Ivan III’s achievements and Russia’s advancements thanks to him.

1. How might Ivan’s early life have influenced his goals and the methods he used to achieve them once he became ruler? It might have influenced because he saw a lot of conflict between his father Basil II with the rest of his family, and he was captured with Ivan when they lost a war. I think this influenced Ivan a lot because it made him see how it was to rule an empire and an army. He helped them to go free because he was commanding an army. This helped him to see how it was to command a big army.

2. Give two examples of how Ivan used diplomacy effectively. He used diplomacy to make sure no one else would help Novgorod He used diplomacy to isolate Tver from the others.

3. Ivan III was often called “the Great.” Do you think that it’s an appropriate name? Why or why not? I think this was an appropriate name for him because he helped a lot with Russia’s government, and he made great things to help Russia become the New Rome.

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