The Great Answer

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The Great Answer
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Charles Fulton Ouster was born on Jan. 22, 1893, in Baltimore, Md. He studied law but turned to journalism, working as a reporter and then as an arts critic for the Baltimore American while also contributing to magazines. In 1923 he became editor of Metropolitan magazine, and from 1931 to 1942 he edited Liberty magazine. He accepted the position of senior editor at Reader's Digest in 1944. While working as an editor, Ouster also pursued a parallel career in writing. His early novels, including Sandalwood (1925), Stepchild of the Moon (1926), and The World's Delight (1929), received mixed reviews. He had more success with his plays, which included The Spider (1927; film, 1931) and All the King's Men (1929; filmed as Second Wife, 1930). He also produced a successful series of detective stories under the pen name of Anthony Abbot. The best-seller The Greatest Story Ever Told (1949; film, 1965) was followed by The Greatest Book Ever Written (1951), on the Bible. Ouster died in New York City on May 24, 1952. Another religious work, The Greatest Faith Ever Known (1953), was completed after his death by his daughter G.A.O. Armstrong. Literal comprehension

The story takes place in a town near Spanish border where many refugees, man and woman escaping from the Nazis. A young lady and her child were trying to reach America safely in order to escape from Gestapo. The mother and the child were unable to reach the border because the Spanish guards were not letting refugees to pass and the Gestapo arrives soon at the boarding house. But at the same time a person arrived at woman’s next door, He used to lead the refugees towards Spain. So, the mother and her child went towards mountain side with him, soon the child was exhausted and the mother had to carry her. When they reached the mountain there they saw many refugees who were going to Spain. All people around welcomed the mother and child, and the child was carried by the young and middle age man. While they were climbing up the mountain old man gave up and asked to leave him there. But the leader encouraged moving on with their total strength. Eventually three old men gave up climbing the mountain but every time the leader encouraged them to move on. At last in the morning they reached the Spanish border. The three old men who carried the little girl found a new light of life and were ready to face new world of freedom. Review

The story ‘The Great Answer’ is a story related to social and emotional factor of the society. This story mainly highlights four characters that are the mother and her child, leader and an old man and there are several other silent characters. The story is carried out at the time of Second World War when the Nazis were haunting down the refugees and prisoners of America in France. The Frenchmen seems to be cruel towards the refugees and did not show any pity towards them. The leader who was like descend of god for refugees seems to be mysterious and controversial one. The leader also tends to save the sense of humanity. The cruelness and the hate for the refugees may create conflict even at present time and the hatred also may remain in the core of the heart in present as well as in upcoming generations. This may also lead to cultural intolerance. The selfless service provided by the leader seems to be the path to the heaven and the leadership quality in him lead to the freedom and new light of life. Climbing up the mountain and climbing down the mountains shows the different part of life, in our life also several hurdles arise but we should not lose our hope sooner or later we will reach our destination. The story is also quite confusing and one of the lead character roles is also controversial. The leader who all alone led many refugees towards Spain is not believable. With such high security and observation of the Nazis was it possible to cross the mountain, and a single man cannot handle such a mess of mass all alone....
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