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Topics: Alexander the Great, Ancient Egypt, Ancient history Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Alexander, by in many means deserves his title of “The Great”. He’s possibly one of the most significant rulers of the ancient world, had great leadership skills and by far the most well rounded of the ancient leaders. Alexander was born the son of Phillip II of Macedonia, at that time the ruling king of Greece and it’s city-states along with Macedonia. Soon after Phillip II was assassinated, Alexander took reign around the age of 20. He started what was to become one of the most spacious, defiant, military like, and most well-rounded civilizations of the ancient world. Conquering mighty Persia, and taking anything in their way. The significance of Alexander the Great in ancient history is monumental. For one, he defeated one of the most largest and defiant of the ancient civilizations, the Persians, and that was just one of his major accomplishments. After successfully conquering Persia and driving out Darius, Alexander later on married his daughter Roxanne. In fact, when Alexander invaded Egypt, the Egyptians proudly crowned him as a Pharaoh, a god from the above brought to Earth in a human form. Even the Greeks thought that he was the son of almighty Zeus. At one point in his life, it is said that Alexander’s civilization half of the known world. His significance caused a lot of the Greek culture to spread out, although he never witnessed

Alexander is probably best known for his leadership attributes. He was only in his early 20’s when he took reign and he made the most out of it. He had opportune like instincts and was a very fair leader as well. Even though he’s remembered for being very violent, he was very tolerant. He conquered vast, spacious lands as an emperor. He often kept a high form of moral standards and kept his Dynasty in great shape until after his death. He had good business skills too; he kept the Greek dynasty in place economically. He produced roads, plumbing and sanitation, trading routes, and many numerous other...
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