The Gospel of John
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Luke Parker
Dr. Holley
15 April. 2014
The Gospel of John
The study of the Gospel of John presents the history and story of Jesus Christ that pulls the reader and the community of Christianity into a faith built relationship through three powerful themes: true belief, the Paraclete, and love. One is required to express a hermeneutic to understand the importance of this Gospel. After understanding that history and literature are two ways to study this Gospel; one is required to believe or not to believe, that is to trust and have faith that Jesus is the son of God or not. If the path of belief is then chosen by that individual; then one can begin to apply the truths to both their lives as well as the community of faith that surrounds them. The Gospel of John teaches that true belief allows an individual’s life to be guided by the promised Paraclete and filled with love.
To understand how the Gospel of John relates to modern life and the contemporary church it is necessary to articulate a hermeneutic. A system to study this Gospel allows the reader to connect the Johannine Community to which was it written close to two thousand years ago. Observing this particular Gospel requires a reader to view it from two different perspectives: A literature and history. The first way of studying the Gospel of John is through the lens of a narrative. The Gospel of John is interesting in that the story of Jesus’ identity, conflict, and mission are all told in the first eighteen verses. These verses are essential in the understanding and relating John’s Gospel to our modern day life, and how it is applicable to the contemporary church of today. Jesus speaks in long discourses as opposed the Synoptic Gospels where Jesus is known to speak in parables and short pithy sayings. These long discourses like that of the Samaritan woman, the man born blind, or Jesus’ discussion with Lazarus’ sisters All show Jesus’ character and his ability to work the impossible. These

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