The Google Story

Topics: Google, Sergey Brin, Larry Page Pages: 6 (2150 words) Published: May 12, 2011
Edmundo Javier Flores Ulloa
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Book Summary

The Google Story

Content Summary

- Introduction (What is the major theme of the book?)

The book as the name implies is about the story of Google, is all about Google from the very beginning, the process from being a crazy idea from two students a.k.a Larry and Sergey that wanted to create a better searcher with accurate information and in the process creating a new system for searches called “PageRank”, that provides what users want instead of looking what can take money from them. Also about how they succeed on the market with their primary goal users’ satisfaction and always doing things as the way they wanted and always trying to keep control of the company to still being first the customer then the profits. And, how Google become the first place around the world on the subject of search, being available in more than 100 languages and creating opportunities to all size businesses to have ads on Google and the opportunity to anyone to buy shares without any preference all being equal, changing the way “Wall Street” does. In conclusion this book is about Google a company that were founded by two students that weren’t looking for fame or money just wanted users have a quality searcher to satisfy their need.

Best Chapter

Well, I really like the book, most of the chapters are good but if I have to choose, I will say two chapters liked more than the others “Divide and Conquer” and “Aprils Fool”. I am going to talk first of “Divide and Conquer”, at the begging of the chapter Larry Page said something that caught my attention “We started this company because we were unhappy with the current search technology and if we succeed, that just will be a great side effect” . When I read it I was amazed because most of the people think first what they receive for doing something, in this case Larry and Sergey just care to satisfy their need and other users need. And at that time Google appeared in a technology magazine that list the best 100 web pages and search engines and it was a kind of free advertising because Google didn’t advertise, the only advertising that it had were people telling other people about how cool is Google. So the company was growing to fast and Larry and Sergey need money so they started looking for investors to buy new equipment, so they met two investors that wanted to do business with them, so Sergey and Larry came with the idea that the two can be investors and will help them to maintain control of Google because wont be a majority investor so they can still their own decisions to achieve their goals, but it was a risk move because the investor may get mad and forget about Google. And lucky both investors accepted to make the deal of an investment of $25 millions (12.5 millions each) but with one condition to find a CEO with experience to lead the company and Larry and Sergey agree, so now they have the money to take Google to the next level thanks to their perseverance and confidence.

Now, let me explain the other chapter “Aprils Fool” this chapter Google faces one of its mayor problems, the developing of “Gmail”. It was on the spring of 2004 when the two friends came with the idea of creating an e-mail service because Yahoo and Microsoft and other companies related give a poor service, a little storage space that forced to users erase their old mails, so Larry and Sergey think they can afford to give 1Gb of memory for free to all users to keep all mails they wanted, without need to delete anyone and also provide users ads on the right side of the page that they could need, to provide the right ads Gmail must scan users’ mails and will free users from spams. It was a great idea but some people didn’t like the idea of scanning their e-mails, they feel like Google violated their privacy, so this problem became bigger when came to court for invading the privacy...
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