The Good, the Bad, and the Television

Topics: Television, 1950s, Dora the Explorer Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: April 13, 2009
The Good, the Bad, and the Television
The television originated as a rare status symbol. During the 1950’s, “The Golden Age of Television,” the amazing status symbol, became more affordable and many more families purchased them. Now, at least one television resides in almost every home, and thousands of channels cover constant programming. TV: the central medium for entertainment in nearly every home in America.

People watch TV for several different reasons. Relaxation is one of the most popular motives for watching. Some people seek out the entertainment that television has to offer. Educational programming remains often sought out by countless viewers. Children learn the alphabet, counting, manners, and foreign languages from shows such as “Dora the Explorer” and “Blues Clues.” Many families watch TV together, as a source of family time.

There is also a great deal of negativity associated with television viewing. Many citizens have claimed addiction to TV, which caused them to lose their jobs, break up marriages, gain weight, and suffer from a loss of IQ points. Violent programming is credited with the blame for increased crime rates and children becoming meaner.

Work is always in progress to accommodate the viewing population. Scientists and programming analysts highly recommend limiting the amount of time anyone watches TV, especially children. Parental ratings for any program broadcast across the big and small screen are in place to assist viewers and parents of viewers in their decisions regarding what to watch. TV’s now have special components that allow certain programs or channels to be blocked. Fitness programs are now made for children and adults, as well as video games such as the “Wii Fit” and “Dance Party Revolution.”

In conclusion, television is astonishingly widespread. Homes, offices, and even cell phones commonly display TV. Watching the “tube” has developed into an American pastime.
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