The Good Teacher

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The teacher is the person who sows not only the seeds of knowledge in his student , but also he has a influence upon their attitude toward the school, the people and the world that surround us. He has also a special influence in modeling his students, their features and their character .  That is why teacher profession demands many skills and abilities ,, and if these skills are innate , that would be ideal. Not everyone can practice this profession that demands a life surrounded by children. So, in my opinion, the person who wishes to become a good teacher should not only to want it , but to identify himself with the job. He must love children , and meet their needs. That kind of teacher should sum up the qualities not only of a teacher , but also of a psychologist and pedagogue . one of the twenty century's psychologist , J Boucher, wrote that pedagogy can be an effective art only if it back on the psychology . I think that an innate teacher should have an innate prone to this profession ,which cannot be well done if the pleasure of doing it lacks. Another essential condition is patience , because not all the children have the ability of immediately understanding . the communicative competence is another feature of ideal teacher with innate qualities. if he has a great amount of knowledge , but he doesn't know how to transmit it , the students will be the ones who lose. He has to feel, not only the lesson ,but also the best way of transmitting this. He has to know to introduce in his lesson the esthetical dimension , that sensitizes the students , and encourage them to learn. In the other words he has to be ingenious, clever and inventive , because it is him that determine lesson success , and not lesson's structure , ( traditional or modern ). So, in order to do attractive and interesting lessons he has to be multi-tasking , and to have a good cooperation with his students, as well. When I mention ``cooperation``, I mean not only , good teaching methods, but also a very good class management . he should intervene with respect and discreetly in different behaviour problem events , to prove tolerance and to have a appropriate working time . in my opinion a good teacher should often use humour and never sarcasm or irony. He should act in such a way that the different class events follow a continuous and clearly logic, in a relaxed atmosphere , conductive to a good learning.  On the other hand ,taking into account that each every child is unique , the teacher must be a good psychologist , and he has to know the potential of each student. He has to guide the students' efforts , to encourage them , and to work at their affective side in order to stimulate their confidence and their self esteem. The teacher is always a missionary . he has to share with the students his vision about reality and his love for science and humanity by challenging in his students the creative spirit. He has to keep alive the fire of knowledge until the end. In that way, he is an archetype, and a model in everyday reality, a inexhaustible generator of consciousness for the new generations.mirela mirela|  Reply   Quote |

amrosca| Edited by: amrosca  Jul 5, 11, 06:27pm   #2| Hei Mirele! :D

I read your essay and here are my corrections. Good luck!

 A teacher is the person who not only sows  the seeds of knowledge in his student, but he also  has an influence(1) upon their attitude toward the school, the people and the world that surround us. He has also a special influence in modeling his students, their features and their character. 

That is why teacher profession(/being a good teacher; becoming a teacher) demands(/requires) many skills and abilities and if these skills  were innate, that would be ideal.(2)

Not everyone can practice this profession that demands a life surrounded by children.(Not everyone is made to spend the rest of their life surrounded by children.)

 In my opinion, the person who wishes to become a good...
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