The Good Old Days

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Every time we have a family party it seems like my parents and my aunts and uncles start talking about the “good old days.” As I sit there I wonder “Why was the good old days so good?” Well I began thinking about this and I seem to understand. The first thing that most parents or older people tend to mention is the fact that they had no worries. Another thing that I noticed was the fact that they had little or technology and Lastly, everything back then was much cheaper.

When anyone thinks about the past they get this idea of a kid with no worries in the world. This is really the truth kids do not have really any major worries in their life. As I continue to grow I take on more responssablies and with these comes the stress linked to them. When I was a kid the thing I remember the biggest worry that i had was the friday spelling test. I think that people when they think of the good old days just think about how worry free their lives were when they were little. It doesn't matter the time period but just the fact that they had much more fun due to the fact they didn't have major concerns. This is not true for everyone but i find it is very common thru out people.

Another thing that popped into my mind when i thought of the good old days was the fact that there was little or no technology. This made life much more different then the life that we have today which is based of of technology. Today basically everyone has a cell phone and when someone doesn't have a cell phone on them they feel like they are missing something. Its starting to become part of our life stye if is hasn't already. Although all this technology has its ups but i honesty think that a life without all of this technology would be much better then one with it. Technology has made people extremely lazy in just the last couple years alone. Instead of going over to someone's house to see if they wanted to hang out now you just call their cell phone or text them. Many other things have...
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