The Good Life

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“Are you sure this is what you really want?” asked Betsy. “Of course this is what I want to do!” replied Vivian as they walked into the local barbershop. Vivian was an idealist secretary at a local law office. Although she really liked her job, she dreamed of a better life of fame and grandeur. Vivian sat down in the tall, uncomfortable barber chair as she asked him for the popular Clara Bow haircut. As the tall solemn barber began to cut off her long silky hair Vivian began to picture her new life. “Just think about it Betsy, I could be the next Roxanne Grace! Performing every night and having all the men bring me gifts … wouldn’t it just be wonderful!” “If you say so!” replied Betsy who was simple yet beautiful girl. Betsy was recently married to a great man named George. All she ever wanted was to be in a warm home with a loving family. Unlike her best friend Vivian, Betsy had no desire to get on stage and perform or to drink, smoke or gamble – like so many women were doing at the time.

The barber finally finished cutting her hair. Vivian stood up out of the barber’s chair and looked into the mirror. She looked completely different – she could not believe how great she looked with a bob. “What do you think Betz?” she asked ecstatically. “Isn’t it just the bee’s knees!?”

“It is definitely something!” replied Betsy with a slight touch of sarcasm. They left the barbershop and went down the block to the local drug store. Betsy needed to pick up some Aspironal for her husband George who had a slight cold. While Betsy was waiting for the pharmacist Vivian wondered off into the new make-up section. After the pharmacist gave Betsy her bottle of Aspironal she yelled bye to Vivian and went home to her sick – but loving husband. Vivian browsed the makeup section for a while. The only women Vivian knew who wore makeup were loose charity girls. Although Vivian did not want to be seen as a charity girl, she really wanted to see how she would look with a little more color on her face. She finally settled on a tube of raspberry lipstick, eyeliner and some rouge. She couldn’t wait to get home and try some on. As Vivian left the drug store she noticed a tall and handsome man walking down the street. “Hello, beautiful day isn’t it” came a deep gravel voice. “Sure is” Vivian replied as she stepped off the curb of the drug store. After a minute of silence as they were walking towards the bus stop the man turned and asked “What’s your name doll?” Ecstatic that he was speaking to her, she replied shyly “My name is Vivian Lane. What is your name?” With a smile he replied “Henry Walker”. They arrived at the bus stop and a large bus pull up beside them. “It was nice to meet you Mr. Henry Walker” announced Vivian as she began walking to the bus. Henry began to follow her onto the bus and proceeded to sit next to her. Vivian became intensely interested in Henry. As they talked Henry mentioned he was the owner of a speakeasy nightclub named the Blue Heaven where Vivian’s idol Roxanne Grace performed at night. Vivian could not believe her ears! Not only was Henry handsome but he could also make her dreams come true! Her face lit up as she mentioned that all she dreamed of was being a performer like Roxanne. “Is that so? I might have a position open!” declared Henry. From that moment Vivian’s life changed from a dream into a reality.

Henry picked her up the next day and took her shopping. He took her to various clothing stores – and bought her a new outfit at every stop. She could not believe all of the different styles and colors that were available. She ended up with seven new outfits – and not one of the dresses or skirts hit her below her knee! He walked her back to her apartment and told her to get “dolled up” and that he would be back at seven to pick her up.

She ran upstairs anxiously ready to try on her new clothes...

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