The Good Earth Type 2 Journal

Topics: The Good Earth, Wang Lung, O-Lan Pages: 4 (1289 words) Published: September 7, 2005
The Good Earth

Type Two Journal—The Good Earth—Wang Lung, Olan, Lotus, Uncle

"Are we not to see the moth-browed bride?"Pg.24Tactless- The uncle is tactless because everyone already expects a farmer's wife to be unattractive and he has no remorse to mock his nephew.

"This woman is well enough!"Pg.28Content- Wang Lung becomes content with his wife when he learns that she cares for him more than anyone else.

"When I return to that house it will be with my son in my arms. I shall have a red coat on him and red-flowered trousers and on his head a hat with a small gilded Buddha sewn on the front…" Pg.34Pretentious- Olan is pretentious because she wants to show the great house that she is no longer the slave that they knew, but she is a successful wife that has borne a healthy young son.

"Thus everyone will know I have a son!"Pg.39Proud- Wang lung is proud to have a son as his first child. It is a symbol of good fortune, and he wants the word of his son and good fortune to be known to everyone.

"I will tell your words to the whole village!" Pg.66Coercive- The uncle coerces Wang Lung to giving him money by threatening him to tell the village that Wang Lung cursed his whole family, his flesh and blood.

"My nephew there he has silver and he has food, but he will give none of it to us, not even me, and my children, who are his own bone and flesh."Pg.77Contemptuous- The uncle is becomes contemptuous after his second visit to Wang Lung asking for money. After he is turned away with nothing he attempts to turn the village upon him their hunger forcing them to scorn him for having food.

"There and there and there!"… "That is for a thief!" Pg.119Reproachful- He is reproachful of his children for belittling themselves by stealing. He does not know how to be proud of someone that steals.

"There is nothing to sell except the girl."Pg.124Truthful- Olan is truthful to Wang Lung by telling him that the only way to get back to the land in their...
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