The Golf Swing (Process Analysis)

Topics: Finger, Golf, Hand Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: February 16, 2012
        The golf swing can be an awkward motion for most people, but it can only be mastered in time and with a lot of practice. Everyone’s swing has been transformed from his own experience and with help from instructors or a fellow competitor. Therefore without question the golf swing is one of the most important aspects about the game of golf as it can be divided into many categories but, there are three main categories that are equally important: the setup, the backswing, and the downswing. Being as the golf swing is so complex, the simple aspect of the setup stage for beginners is to learn the grip and the stance. Start by standing and holding the club in your bottom hand (right hand), where the grip meets the shaft. The shaft should be at an angle where the club head is at your forehead, toward the sky, and the grip is at your waist. Moving onto the grip, you must place the club in the fingers of your left hand and wrap your fingers around the grip. Next, lay the rest of your top left hand on the grip, so that the palm lightly touches the grip. Slide your bottom right hand toward your top hand, and keep the grip in your fingers until both hands touch. From here there are a few things you can do; you can either interlock your pinky finger and index finger, or have your pinky overlap your index finger (make sure to hold the club as if you were holding an egg - not too tight because if you are tight then it will cause you to strike the ball wrongly upon impact. The finished grip should be with the fingers, rather than with the palms of your hands; thus, completing the first stage: the grip and the stance. A golfer’s stance is extremely important as it can determine which direction the ball will go and how well the ball will be struck. Once your grip is set in stone, you want to lie another club down on the ground so that the clubhead if facing your target. After the club is in place, you want to put both of your feet perpendicular with the shaft or the middle...
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