The Golden Compass

Topics: North Pole, North Magnetic Pole, Polar bear Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: October 30, 2008
Have you ever wondered what it would be like the live with animals that were a part of you? Well in this story everyone has an animal that is a part of their soul. It’s a story of friendship, war, and mystery.

This story is about Lyra and her demon Pan. A demon is a part of you that has taken the form of an animal. Lyra is on a quest to find her friend Roger who has been kidnapped by the gobblers. Gobblers are people who take children to a factory in the North Pole to run experiments on them. They are terrible people. They take only children because they have the most dust going in and out of them.

Before Lyra Leaves on her quest the High Counselor at Jordan College gives her a mysterious golden compass that tells anything that asker wants to know, if she can learn to read it. The compass has lots of tiny shapes that all mean a lot of meanings. But she must guard it carefully or some bad person will get their hands on it. I won’t tell you who it is because it was a huge shocker for me.

The main characters of the story are Lyra, Pan, and Iorek. Lyra is a blonde haired girl with blue eyes that is a natural explorer and always seeks adventure. Pan is her demon; he can take the form of any animal. Also Iorek, he is a great armored polar bear that has been rejected from the bjorne for killing another bear. He has a big heart even though he doesn’t show it.

In this entire story is an amazing adventure of friendship, vengeance, mystery, and magic. It has tons of twists and has a great message of friendship. I give this book a ten out of ten. I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventurous books.
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