The Golden Age

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Pax Romana Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Throughout history many cultures have experienced a Golden Age, where great advances were made in a variety of different fields. A Golden Age indicates a period of primitive peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity in an area. A Golden Age also refers to a time where cultural advancements and enlightenments are at their highest point throughout learning, advances in thought, technology, art, literature, science and research. The Roman Empire and India have both been acknowledged for having a successful Golden Age and cultural and intellectual life. Rome and Gupta Dynasty in India created and achieved opportunities during their Golden Age which not only helped them prosper but also has influenced the world today. The Roman Empire experienced a Golden Age which lasted for a 200 year period. This 200 year period was centered on peace and became known as the Pax Romana. The Pax Romana developed to be a time of cultural and intellectual achievements for Rome. Rome’s most important achievement has to be its system of laws. Their system included innocent until proven guilty, men being equal under the law, and having the right to face their accusers. Another factor of the Roman Golden Age was their art and architecture. Roman art portrayed an incredibly realistic style of art, even though they favored the style of the Greeks form of art. Their architecture consisted of elaborate columns, arches, domes which can be found at sites like the Pantheon and Coliseum. The Romans also built roads, harbors, bridges, and an early form of elevators. They were also well known for the building of the aqueduct, which were bridge like structures that were used to carry fresh water across long distances. Roads, harbors, and bridges were used for transportation and trade of goods. Vertical shafts contained lifts operated by ropes and pulleys which led people towards the Coliseum. All these...
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