The Gold Cadillac

Topics: United States, Automobile, African American Pages: 2 (331 words) Published: August 17, 2005
Title:The Gold Cadillac

Author:Mildred D. Taylor

Publisher and Publication Date: The Penguin Group, 1998
First published in the United States of America by Dial Books for Young Readers, 1987

The story took place in the City of Toledo Ohio at the family's home and in the route to the rural South, Mississippi.

Main Characters:
Lois, Wilma, Mom, Dad

Plot Summary:
This story is about a family who got a new car, a Cadillac. They decided to take a trip in the new car. They were riding from Ohio to Mississippi. As they rode they begin to see people starring at them and looking at the man driving. They were not used to seeing a black man riding in a shiny new car. They began to see signs that said "White Only Colored Not Allowed". They were even pulled over by the police. The police thought that they had stolen the car. After being taken to the police station by the police, they decided to take the Cadillac to their cousin's house in Memphis and finish their trip through Mississippi in their cousin's automobile. The family stayed a week in Mississippi with relatives. They told them about their experience. When the family returned home they got rid of the Cadillac and got a Ford and they ordered another Mercury model automobile.

The conflict was the way the family was treated; and that they were being treated badly for no reason.

Solution or Resolution:
The family's solution was to change automobiles to finish their trip by borrowing their cousin's automobile.

Author's Purpose:
The author's purpose is to inform readers of how many black people were treated in the rural South.

Tone or Mood:
My tone while reading this story: at the beginning I was excited, in the middle I felt sad because the family was picked on, and at the end I felt happy for them to be back at home.
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