The Gods Must Be Crazy Film Review

Topics: Bushmen, 1980s, Botswana Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Vanessa Egbe
The Gods Must Be Crazy
The film “The Gods Must Be Crazy” by Jams Uys tells the story of a group of Bushmen who live a simple life when a Coke bottle falls out of the sky and brings anger, shame, and trouble to their once innocent tribe. One man, Xi, decides to rid his tribe of “The Evil Thing” and throw it off of the earth. Meanwhile, Kate Thompson leaves her life as a news reporter to be a village school teacher in a village called Mbalu in Botswana. Also, there is an attempt in Botswana to massacre the Cabinet of "Barani" and the president by guerillas led by Sam Boga. Last but not least is shy biologist Andrew Steyn who is studying the local animals of Botswana with his mechanic, M’pudi. The film is set in 1980 in Botswana and the Bushmen are very different from the people in modern society. Bushmen have no form of military or government, live in complete isolation, neither polytheistic nor monotheistic but believe there are many gods above them and have no sense of ownership. They adapted to their environment while civilized people adapted their environment to them. In the movie, there was a revolt against the government during this time period. There is no record of any revolts during the 1980s in Botswana or at all really. Horses were domesticated long before the 1980s in Africa and it is very possible that they were used for travel in Botswana since it is a very flat land. The author of this movie believes that people are too controlled by their surroundings and need to live a simpler, humble life. The man who knew the least about danger, evil or anything of the sort was able to save not only his people from The Evil Thing, but many kids and a teacher from a group of dangerous revolutionaries. Being controlled by your environment brings about feelings of evil and brings about the worst in people. You should only want what you need and anything more is unnecessary. This film shows us...
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