The Gods Must Be Crazy

Topics: Communication, Psychology, Emotion Pages: 3 (393 words) Published: February 22, 2013
My objectives are:
1. Learn how to communicate.
2. Learn how to become a better listener.
3. Learn how to deal with my emotions.
4. Learn how to manage conflict
5. Learn how to check e-mails on a regurlar.

My performance criteria are:

1. Speak out.
2. Focus on what is being said.
3. Be open for change.
4. Turn the negative into positive.
5. Always check my e-mail.

Minutes I expect to spend reading: 60

Outline of reading:

1. Let the communication process flow.
2. Listen: the communication process flow.
a. Listen carefully
b. Be open
c. Recognize
3. What to do when I don’t agree.
4. Receive: Communication process
a. Speak up
b. Speak candidly
c. Choose how to deliver your message

5. Review: The process of communication.

Key Question
1. What are some good listening tools
2. What should I do if I don’t understand
3. What are some strategies to great communication.

First Reading
1. Communication is the process of creating shared meaning. 2. When someone else is talking just listen.
3. The key to effective listening is to understand before evaluating. 4. In some circumstance, pausing for several seconds might be inappropriate. 5. Join class discussions
6. Recognize three elements of emotions: name your emotion, accept your emotion, and express your emotions. 7. Choose the solution that is most acceptable to everyone who is involve.

Second reading:
1. How to deal with bad feedback.
2. How to improve my conflict affectively.

1. Communicating creates our world.
2. Written communicating adds a whole other set of variables. 3. Communication channels get blocked when we try to send and receive at the same time. 4. Silence is more than staying quiet while someone is speaking. 5. Maintaining eye contact demonstrates your attentiveness and helps keep your mind from wondering. 6. Listen for...
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