The Godfather: Movie Review

Topics: Vito Corleone, The Godfather, Michael Corleone Pages: 5 (1881 words) Published: March 27, 2014
Rafael Aziz
English 112
Professor Julian
8 March 2014
The Godfather
The Godfather was regarded as the second best films of all time after the Shaw-shank Redemption. The Godfather employs a classic Italian-American mafia crime family in New York and Nevada. Vito Corleone as the founder of the Corleone crime family. An immigrant from Sicily who witnessed both his parents shot by a different don. He has four children and a step son whom he had adopted. Michael Corleone as the second Godfather to the Corleone crime family. Santino (Sonny) Corleone who is the eldest son and was to be the newly crowned don of the family until his death. Tom Hagen who is the adopted son and childhood friend of Sonny, he serves as the councilor of the don. Connie Corleone as the only daughter to Vito. Freddo Corleone as the middle son to Vito Corleone. A trilogy of films that gives a representation of the corruption of politicians, police forces and even the Catholic church. I will be analyzing the difference between the two heads of the crime family, the roles of women in the crime family, and the corruption of major people throughout the films.

Through the trilogy there have been a total of two Godfathers. Vito Corleone was the first and original Godfather. Michael Corleone was the second don and successor to Vito. There is a major difference between both. Vito is don who seeks respect from others, while Michael seeks legitimacy for his family business. He is portrayed throughout the movie as a man who is honorable of his word and will listen to reason. He serves as the protector of all of those around him. In the beginning of the Godfather movie he talks with Bonasera an undertaker who is seeking revenge for a crime against his daughter. Vito asks him why he has never invited him for coffee or talked casually with him. That his first instinct was to run to the police to save his daughter and not come to him for help. He asks Bonasera why he didn’t call him Godfather or kiss his ring. In this scene Vito shows his true motive which is respect from others by seeking acknowledgment to be called the Godfather. “People respect the don out of fear and the desire for his favors”. As a don he has to be respected because respect is an important part of the mafia business. If a person were to disrespect anyone above them, they would get “Whacked” or killed. Vito wanted to achieve respect whether that was through gambling or prostitution. He didn’t mind putting out hits on people who stood in his way. Michael on the other hand wanted nothing to do with the illegal business. He made a promise to his girlfriend that he would legitimize the family business. Michael wanted to make the business “criminality and immorality”. He does not want to make money through bribery, gambling or prostitution. He wanted to be “respected by American law and society”. In the end of the trilogy Michael died still believing he could legitimize the family business. Sadly he had failed to do so, therefore costing him his marriage and the life of his daughter. The two dons were both given major responsibilities. Vito started from nothing and through it he became a godfather, Michael took that and ran right into the ground along with everything he had ever valued. Vito reflects the basic immigrant who works from nothing in America to provide for his family and to have safety and prosperity for his children. Before his death he tells Michael “I work my whole life, I don't apologize, to take care of my family. And I refused to be a fool dancing on the string, held by all those big shots. I don't apologize that's my life but I thought that that when it was your time that that you would be the one to hold the strings. Senator Corleone. Governor Corleone, or something...”. Vito proves to the audience that he was just a man who wanted to be happy with his family. While Michael in effort to be an honest man, tore his family apart. Which shows the immigrants today, try to be...
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