the godfather

Topics: Michael Corleone, Vito Corleone, Sonny Corleone Pages: 3 (1286 words) Published: October 16, 2013
The Godfather
I just finished reading a book called The Godfather which is written in 1969 by Mario Puzo. It is one of the best in all-time literature history. And I am definitely agreed with it. Because it has everything inside, much a great novel. If you read once then you might think that it is about crime life or how to murder other without notice. It is true but it isn’t main stuff. The main thing is how to be a man. A real responsible. Because a real take cares for his family and people only respects and acceptance the real man. In novel, That man is “Don Vito Corleone”. The story is about 1940’s crime life in New York.

There was a man named Vito Corleone who called the Godfather. He is generous, helpful and kind one. He always helps people who need a help most. He helps by doing everything. All he asks for is to respect him and call him a godfather. Because he is Italian born American men so Italians are very delightful about godfather. In Italy, godfather is just like his own father. Vito had a 3 sons and one daughter. Boys named Santino(Sonny) who is strong and grossness  , Freddie(Fredo) is a weak and obedient and Michael Corleone who is smart thoughtful and great fit to be a Don. And youngest girls name is Connie Corleone. And one adopted child named Tom Hagen. Tom started to be a lawyer of Corleone family and a became adviser of Vito Corleone. His family is one of the biggest 5 mafia families in New York. Every child of him interests in family business but Michael. He thinks that it isn’t nice way to live. That is why he always fights with his brothers. But they all respects Don so no one talks badly in front of him. Vito has 2 assistants named Tessie and Clemante. Both of them are started their friendship relations with Vito a long time ago when they were young. They were very powerful on anything. But as strong they become, many enemies are there too. Corleone’s family owns an Olive oil factory. One day at business meeting, Vito, Sonny and Tom...
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