The Globalization Process

Topics: Globalization, Che Guevara, Capitalism Pages: 6 (1807 words) Published: June 12, 2013
3. Although there are many forces and arguments against the cultural homogenization, the US media model has some benefits like encouraging the formulation of important global hubs for creative industries. For example, by 2006, India emerged as a key destination for exporting media content. Also, it paved the way for the emergence of the second layer of international media players, such as, Bollywood, Latin America, Euronews, TV5, Al-Jazeera, Korean films, MBC, Japanese animation, and Russia Today (RTTV). These transitional media flows actually are representing “subaltern flows”. Despite the emergence of contra-flow, the revenues of non-Western media organizations with the exception of Japanese animation are small and their global impact is restricted to regional markets and consumers. In fact, none of the European movies had the global impact of Dallas, friends, or Sex and the City. In fact, most of the world movies come from Asia but Hollywood advantages are entertaining, highly visible, and has global appeal. For instance, India released 900 commercial film while US about 250. Despite the growing of Indian films outside India, its share in the global film industry valued in 2004 was still less than 0.2 percent. So among these examples, we can conclude the role of “contra-flows” to prevent cultural imperialism. For example, Indian films can be purely and originally about the Indian culture and flavor without the mix of American cultural icons, such as, English songs and clothes. And the interference of media with computer techniques can help “contra-flows”. For example, they can use the method in visual media that depends on imagination, image, and movement to deliver the message rather than a lot of unimportant talking. Moreover, they should try to expand horizontally and vertically in many ways like making deals with important alliances in strong countries. Also, they have to lead the field in export of audio visual products rather than just exporting TV programs and films. These methods may help “subaltern” media be an alternative to the hegemonic media outlets dominated by the west, and attract more markets and consumers with their own creativity and unique products.

4- Multinational corporations are the main reason behind No Jobs!! - They are providing non productive jobs with very law salaries and law level job opportunities - The governments instead of developing an economic agenda to increase jobs, They open new shops and malls (helping the corporations)

-Multinational corporations have many sweat shops all over the Globe - specially in Africa and Latin America
- For example, Nike has several sweat shops with very bad working conditions - They give their workers less than a dollar a day
-Everything in our life is a globalized material
Globalization has effected all aspects of our lives
- For example, our shoes its lather from a country, it was manufactured in another, and so on.  
- Advertisements are everywhere
- Multinational corporations spend millions of dollars on advertising - They are using celebrities
- For example Nike is using athletes to present their products  
- Multinational corporations following different ways of advertising

- One of those ways is putting their brands' logos on the clothes, bags, and shoes.  
- Anti-globalization movement took place in different countries -they are mainly against multinational corporations and their activities, which harm societies and the environment

Question no.4 answer:
In the age of the brand, logos are everywhere. The documentary No Logo, reveals the reasons behind the backlash (رد فعل عنيف) against the increasing economic and cultural reach of multinational companies. Analyzing how brands like Nike, The Gap, and Tommy Hilfiger became revered symbols worldwide. Commercialization is related to cultural imperialism. In The documentary Chevolution examines the history and legacy of the photo “Guerillero Heroico”...
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