The Globalization of Health Care

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The Globalization of Health Care

1. There are a number of factors that have allowed health care to start globalizing: * High cost of medical care in the United States
* Many Americans are uninsured or underinsured
* High quality private hospital chains are emerging in places such as India and Singapore * American companies are starting to look abroad due to the high cost of insuring their workforce * Some insurance companies are starting to experiment with payment for foreign treatment at internationally accredited hospitals 2. Americans receiving the cheaper treatment and the hospitals and doctors in the other countries benefit from the globalization of health care. Those who do not benefit are American hospitals and doctors who loose out on the money from patients seeking cheaper care in other countries. 3. I think there are definitely risks associated with the globalization of health care. First of all, it is important to note that different ethnicities react differently to drugs. Also, foreign doctors may have different beliefs about things compared to American patients and doctors. It is very important to discuss these things before going over for treatment to ensure everyone is on the same page and has a full understanding of what needs to be done. 4. I think the globalization of health care is a good thing. It allows Americans to get the treatment they need and deserve and not pay an absolute fortune. Insurance premiums are already so high, having to pay for a life saving surgery on top of that is really hard which leads to people putting it off and in the end getting worse or even dying. References

Hill, Charles W. L. (2011). Global Business Today 7th Edition.

References: Hill, Charles W. L. (2011). Global Business Today 7th Edition.
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