The Global Factors Influencing on Business Strategy

Topics: International trade, Globalization, Strategic management Pages: 12 (3430 words) Published: April 21, 2012

1. Abstract 4
2. Introduction 4
3. Literature review 5
4. Research metrology 6
5. Strategy 7

5-1 - Export Markets 8
5-2 - International Markets 8
5-3 - International Competitiveness 9
5-4 - International trade 9
5-5 -Trade blocs 10
5-6- International strategy 10

5-6-1 Mergers and acquisitions 11 5-6-2 Alliance 12
5-6-3 Cost leadership13
5-6-4 Joint venture13
6. Global Factors: 14
6-1 -Political 14
6-2 -Social 15
6-3 -Economic 17
6-4 -Technological 18
6-5 - Legal 19
7. Conclusion20
8. Reference 21-22

Successful global business strategy addresses the operational and executive issues enterprise face when looking internationally for few opportunities. Attend successful global operations to develop an action plan for growing, competing and operating globally. You have to get the specific tools that your company need. This course is applicable to companies expanding globally for competitive advantage. This paper indicate that when one manager want to building and executive a good global business strategy to successful which factor must consider by the manager. 2-Introduction

In this paper tried to analysis the global factors that have influence on business strategy. At the first considered some strategy that the company can use for starting globalization, and work in global market, and have compete with global competitors. In this stage all company for choose the best business strategy must consider many factors. That can show the many factors ,have influence on global business and business strategy. Businesses are affected by an external environment as much as they are affected by the competitors. Global factors influencing business are legal, political, social, technological and economic. Understanding of these factors is important while developing a business strategy. 3) Literature review

Nanda K. Viswanthan and Peter R.Dickson in 1995 have researched their purpose was Examine issues of standardization and adaptation in global business strategy and to explain the dynamics of standardization. In this paper that has been developed based on gaps in prior frameworks of standardization /adaptation. A three-factor model of standardization of global business strategy was developed. The three factors include homogeneity of customer response to the marketing mix transferable of competitive advantage, and similarities in the degree of economic freedom. In this research fund the model thorough that use of feedback effects explains the dynamics of standardization global strategy business.

Van Gender S in Jun 2005 has done research about “the new imperatives for global branding: strategy, creativity and leadership. The purpose was argue that combination of global business strategy , creativity and leadership will determine to competitiveness of global brand in the coming decade. His research indicate that leadership is the key to business strategy, brand strategy and global business strategy and also the leadership must have knowledge about all global factor that influence on business strategy, the Pest factor.

Global business strategy is name of the book by Robin John, Grazia Letto-Gillies, Howard Cox and Nigel Grimwade. This book in about the key elements in the operation and strategic development of international firms , and which factor influence on international business strategy. Offering a comprehensive theoretical approach, together with wide-ranging cases to illustrate central issues, and also...
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