The glass menagerie script analysis

Topics: Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Marriage Pages: 4 (1211 words) Published: February 11, 2014
The Glass Menagerie Script Analysis
The characters are in a middle-class apartment in St. Louis. There is a kitchen, living area, an upstairs, a door leading outside in the living area, and a fire escape. The apartment is in the back of the complex.

References: pg. 1,

The play takes place in a nonconcrete time in the future years of Tom Wingfield’s life, he is remembering back to the winter and spring of 1937. Begins with Tom in real time, goes back to real time at end. Cold weather influences costume choices, from coats to the dresses that they must be wearing whenever the gentleman caller comes.

Tom is the son of Amanda. Laura is the daughter of Amanda. Laura is Tom’s OLDER sister. Jim O’Connor works with Tom. Amanda was abandoned by her husband years ago. No one has a spouse. Tom supplies money for the family working for a show warehouse, but aspires to be a poet. Lower-middle class status.

1937 is just passed the middle of the Great Depression, the worst recession in America. All characters must be influenced in this, perhaps mostly Tom (explaining his thoughts and career in a shoe warehouse and how hard it is to be a poet at this time.) President is Franklin D. Roosevelt.

*Lacking direct citations* but they are all Christian and find being Christian a likeable factor.
Family is obviously huge, this family is still together despite dad leaving and the Depression. The only man of the family, Tom, is expected to provide for them all. Laura, the young female of the family, is expected to find a well-off man and marry into another family where she will begin her own family. Sex seems to be something that lacks specifics – like it should be waited on until marriage. A lady should be very proper and beautiful and work t impress the man, and the man should be a true gentleman and work to provide for the family.

It is unknown how many years have passed before Tom is thinking back to everything that has happened in the...
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