The Giving Pledge

Topics: Warren Buffett, Wealth, Money Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: August 28, 2013
The giving pledge
What is “the giving pledge”? It’s a solemnly bound “promise” which beats the normal promise. Because a pledge is something you are bound to do, and there is no way around it. You could say that “pledge” have a higher status of word if you compare it to “promise”. “The giving pledge” is a band of billionaires who donate money to charity. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates took the initiative to gather a lot of rich Americans and persuade them to give more than 50% of their fortune to charity. Warren Buffet is a very wealthy man, and he’s slightly generous with regarding to money. He’s not the man who seems to care a lot about his own wealth. Warren Buffet, who shows us several times that he, is a philanthropic man by all means. He doesn’t really need any more materiel things. Warren is able to live a perfectly good life with just the 1% of his fortune left. Text 2, line 48 “that remaining 99% can have a huge effect on the health and welfare of others” again Warren is a caring and kind-hearted person who puts others ahead of himself. The journalist Peter Wilby is pretty skeptical regarding to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s interview. “Try paying fair wages and tax” even though he respects their choice of donating loads of money to charity, he thinks they should start somewhere else than philanthropy. He means that it would be a lot better if they just paid taxes and gave higher wages to their employees. Besides all that Peter Wilby means that the donators choose which and where the economical problems will be fixed first. He claims that it’s not necessarily the most effective way of supporting the society. “Money paid to charity is exempt from tax” which means if Bill Gates donate 50 billion dollar, he can omit to pay 50 billion dollars from tax. This again means that the state of America will have a gap on 50 billions. “Text 1” is fairly neutral, because it’s mainly about a new initiative. There’s this meeting between Warren Buffet and Bill Gates,...
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