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The Giver Essay

Topics: Lois Lowry, The Giver, Thought, Newbery Medal, Psychology / Pages: 2 (491 words) / Published: Nov 26th, 2014
Tornike Obolashvili
English F Block
Manana Mgeladze
Essay It is an uninteresting book teacher! It was phrase which I told, when I started reading of The Giver, but after a few chapters I understood, that it was good and ideally book with deep thought.
The Author of this book is Lois Lowry. The main character is Jonas 12 years old boy, who lives in community in where everything is calculated and there are no feelings. People move with bicycle and every year they celebrate their birthday with teaching something new and getting something new mission. On 12s birthday children get the jobs, government chooses profession for them. Children don’t have choice, they can’t choose their own profession. In this community people have 3 chances of breaking rule. If they break rules more than 3 times, they get released which means that they died. People drink pills everyday, which is for hiding the emotions and feelings. The main idea which The Author wanted to tell us is that, people who lives without feelings and emotions are spending their lives wasted, because they can’t feel and their submission is easy for government. There are some arguments that proves this.
1. Life without feelings and emotions is life wasted. If you don’t love someone and don’t feel anything, life is less interesting and there are no reasons for living on the earth. When you love someone you can make everything for her/him and life isn’t wasted, because you care about someone.
2. We can see in this book, that government uses people very easily and they don’t listen to the man (the giver) who is very wisdom person. When people don’t know about love and about friendship they will be very easily ruled, because they don’t have feelings and they won’t stay together and they won’t go against government there are no reasons for it, because government makes every bad things hidely.
3. In one of the chapters of this book there is a moment when The Giver gives Jonas a memory of the new year where there are grandparents and family members. Jonas didn’t understand what ceremony it is, because he didn’t know what love is, what snow is and what grandparents mean. How I told this book has very deep thinking and its plot gave me a reason for thinking. I thought how bad community and life is when you live without loving someone, without caring about someone and without any feelings, which are important in my life and in our lives. This book shows how bad is life without feelings. We think that we need to calculate everything to make life easy and to live more comfortable, but this book shows us that when everything is calculated it gets bored and people can’t understand that their lives is nothing without feelings because they are accustomed for this society and for this community.

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