the giraffe

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Short Stories

The Giraffe by Mauro Senesi Nov.28 2012

Summary: A Merchant came to a small town and brought a giraffe to attract people.He dies while he's there. The Giraffe is left to the town to take care of,The people Wanted to kill right away,but a group of young boys step up and take the Giraffe into their hands.They lead in Through town all day Letting it peak its head through windows (not wanting to know what it sees) ,They brought the Giraffe to a public park and it ate the leaves off a tree the mayor planted (Even though the Winter would have cleared all the leaves) The people were still pissed at the Giraffe,The police came (Due to the Mayor) and Threathed To kill the Giraffe if it didnt leave. Soon it got dark and The giraffe got cold and need a place to stay, The Three Boys (Rolandino,Flavio,Boddo) brought it to the Church seeing as it was the only option. The next morning they discovered That the Giraffe has eaten all the flowers and candles,This makes the people furious and decides to Kill the Giraffe,The boys Quickly run out of town and to a open field nearby,Where they try to feed it hay. This does not work and the giraffe ends up Dieing infront of everyone because in this town There's No room for anything but the Things already here.

1. In This story,The characters make a decision . What were their choices? give me Specific answers exaples from the story.Explain why they make the choice they make. A. One of the choices they made was Taking the Giraffe after the Man Died , They took the Giraffe because They didnt want to see it die.

2.Choose one of the folllowing Quotations from the story. Explain what you think that Quotation means about the characters in the story. A. "Our Giraffe had died by itself,Boys,There was no need for them to kill it. Damn this town anyways Where the giraffe couldnt live because there's room only for the things that were already here" I think this Quote Means that ,That town Just didnt want...
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