The Gilded Six Bits

Topics: Marriage, Gold Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: March 29, 2011
1. Why did Missy Mae sleep with Otis Slemmons? Was it necessary? - Missy Mae sleeps with Otis because he promised her gold coins. She did it so she can provide a better life for her and her husband. Unfortunately for her it was completely unnecessary. As long as he had her her husband did not care about money; he loved their life together.

2. Explain: "The yellow coin in his trouser was like a monster hiding in the cave of his pockets to destroy her". - Her husband carried those coins in his pocket in order to remind him of her infidelity. They may not have lived like husband and wife but he did not leave her yet. The coins signify her sin and the fact that at any given moment he could leave her was the "monster waiting to attack."

3. Does Joe forgive Missie May at the end? Does she "redeem" herself somehow? -I believe Joe does forgive her in the end. He spends the coins, therefore letting go of the best. And, after he comes back home he resumes their daily game as if nothing happens. After having the child that resembles him, I believe, he just wanted to pretend that nothing happened. I do believe she redeems herself, but not with one event. Her actions over the months that he barely talked to her coupled with the birth of child helped redeem her and give her back her marriage. 4. Explain.Is this a happy ending?

-Yes, I believe it was a happy ending. The birth of the child has helped them gain back everything they lost.
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