The Gift of Love

Topics: English-language films, Love, American films Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: February 8, 2011
“LOVE IS A TREASURE FOR WHICH WE CAN NEVER PAY…THE ONLY WAY WE KEEP IT IS TO GIVE IT AWAY…” Mr. Hamilton admits that he had mixed feelings. As he waited for the arrival of Jason Stevens, he realized that it was the end of their year-long odyssey of discovery. Mr. Hamilton was confident about the future Jason had before him. Mr. Hamilton felt that he would be losing his lifelong friend, Red Stevens. Mr. Hamilton had learned in that transformation, that he went through along with Jason, that his friend would always be with Hamilton met miss hastings, who informed him about jasons arrival, and Jason in the conference room. He believed that the two of them shared the same feelings that he did. Miss hastings took the videotape res stevens had left and put it into thevideo player. When red stevens picture appeared mr. Hamilton felt that too shared the same mixed stevens first congratulated Jason for making it to the last step of the ultimate gift that was planned for him.he said that he would imagine that the activities planned for that day were very simple and ordinary. He aske djason to remember that none of us was garunteed a long life.. in fact we were garunteed nothing but the present day. he said that he felt that life’s tragedies were not made up of the great failures but of the simple pleasures and kind gestures missed by us. After a short pause he introduced Jason to the one part of the ultimate gift that that comprised of all the gifts as well as everything good that Jason would ever do, had, or knew in his life- the gift of love.
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