The Gift of Life

Topics: Organ transplant, Organ donation, Organ Pages: 4 (747 words) Published: December 1, 2012
The Gift of Life
by Deborah Greenspan

One of the greatest miracles of modern medicine is the
ability to successfully transplant human organs, such as kidneys,
corneas and hearts, into human beings who would die otherwise.
At this very moment, 48,000 people are waiting hopefully for
organ transplants (Tenery 20). Seven of these unfortunates will
die each day because there are no organs to be had (Hans 84).For them the wait is over. Today, I'm going to tell you why you
should become an organ donor and perhaps save the life of one
or more of these people.

People whose organs don't function properly live half lives
that affect not just themselves but everyone they love as well--
their children, their spouses, their mothers, fathers, family and
friends. An individual whose kidneys don't function can't develop
and cultivate a career. A child whose heart is weak can't get out
and run with her friends. A man with a bad liver may not be able
to keep his job. Thus candidates for organ donation feel guilty.
They become invalids, unable to spend quality time with those
they love, and fearful of the burden they are placing on their

Let me make this real for you. Her name was Claire. She
was the mother of two small children. When her kidneys stopped
functioning, she felt that her life was over. Three times a week
she spent half a day in dialysis and the rest of the day recovering
from the procedure. She never had any energy and was always...
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