The German Leader

Topics: Leadership, Adolf Hitler, World War I Pages: 4 (1628 words) Published: March 24, 2014
The Rise of Hitler
Throughout the history of mankind, many leaders have come and gone. Worldwide top leaders that marked history are Apple Inc. co-founder, chairman, and CEO Steve Jobs, France’s first emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, sixteenth U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Nobel Peace Prize Martin Luther King Jr., Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher, to mention a few. A leader that clearly made a statement and brought a lot of controversy during World War II was Chancellor and Führer of Germany, Adolf Hitler. In his early years, Adolf Hitler was on top of school class IV in 1899. Later on he wanted to pursue a career in visual arts in Vienna, Austria. “The Vienna Academy of Fine Arts twice refused to admit the apprentice painter. Very well, then, he would become an architect. But he was unqualified for further study” (Kanfer, Aug 1989). Hitting poverty, in 1914, Hitler enlisted to be a soldier in World War I. From 1914 to 1918 Hitler won Iron Cross 2nd Class, Iron Cross 1st Class, Military Cross and won 6 medals for bravery. Other than these he never got promoted to a higher position because his captain at the time considered Hitler had lack of leadership skills. The 1919 treaty that ended the First World War had 440 clauses, and 414 were devoted to punishing Germany. The end of WWI in 1919 made political, economic, and social fall of Germany. Hitler, full of anger, was convinced that Germans were betrayed by communism revolution race and parliamentary politician. Stab in the back was part of a Jewish conspiracy he believed. Hitler co-founded after the end of the war the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NSDAP), or Nazism Party. He became leader of NSDAP in 1921. All this way of thinking took Hitler to politics. In there he discovered his hidden talent, public speaking. A definition of leadership that would be widely accepted by the majority of theorists and researchers might say "leadership is a process of social influence in which...

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