The Geranium

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Family / Pages: 4 (875 words) / Published: Jul 3rd, 2013
The Geranium
Formal letter of complaint
I am Sandra a dear friend of Marney’s and I am writing this letter to you because I want to complain about the fact that no family member stepped in to support my friend Marney during her time of need. I recently found out that my friend Marney has been abused by her husband. I have realized that this has been happening after watching a TV programme dealing with the subject of abused wives and what they do to hide their abused lives. I suddenly understand why Marney always wears a cardigan when I visit her, which the TV programme gave an example about hiding their bruised body’s with their clothes or belongings.
Therefore I have decided to quickly act on this info to you so we can help Marney to go and tell the authorities or police about her abusive husband Bob and motivate her to tell someone about it to anyone she trusts. Also help and spread the information what to do about your abusive husband or family. I have found this out by watching the TV programme and understood about their abused lives. I have been inspired by the TV programme to try and help abused wives to confront about it and let someone who can help them know as soon as possible so we can prevent them from getting even worse. One day unexpectedly entered her house and saw her arms covered in bruises and black marks. When I want to her and asked her what happened. She tried to back out somehow but since then she has confined in me about it.
She told me why she always cleans the house bit by bit and leaves the house. From the start of the morning she makes lunch for the kids, feeds them breakfast and then sends them to school. After that she starts tidying the breakfast table, she does the dishes, washes the tea towels and hangs them out systematically. The only thing she likes doing is reading the weekly news paper which comes every Wednesday. Most of the things she reads about are what she actually wanting to do but she isn’t allowed out of the house.

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