The Geography of Culture

Topics: Geographic information system, Cartography, Map Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: December 18, 2013
The Geography of Culture
“Social cohesion was built into language long before Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter—we're tribal by nature. Tribes today aren't the same as tribes thousand of years ago: It isn't just religious tribes or ethnic tribes now: It's sports fans, it's communities, it's geography.” -Peter Guber

With communities, there is geography. With sport fans, there is geography. With culture, there is geography. A city, a county, a nation has geography that is unique to its political and cultural traits. For instance, Hsinchu has its own traits that defines its own geographic features. GIS, which stands for Geographic Information System, whose purpose is to map out geographic data, has played an important part in geography today. Using the culture of Hsinchu and a basic mapping program of BatchGeo, maps can be created, displaying geographic data of Hsinchu. In Hsinchu, different elements of culture and their locations can be shown in the form of a map. For instance, there is a surprising number of temples located in Hsinchu itself. Culture is apparent all over Hsinchu, with its abundance of restaurants and centers of recreation. In Hsinchu, parks and museums about science are common, such as the H2O Health Science City Living Water World and the Green World Ecological Farm. Hsinchu is the home of innovation and culture, and the two are often combined. IBSH, a center of learning, combines the education of future innovators and the culture of education itself. GIS has demonstrated how culture is tied in with Hsinchu and technology, with its locations mapped out to show certain areas that hold culture. It is the foundation of the geospatial revolution, with location-enabled services able to be reached easily. GIS is able to show patterns and clusters in a map, such as many restaurants are centered between the Bei and Dong districts. A cluster of temples near the Hsinchu train stations are grouped together, with other temples dotted on the outskirts....
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