The Gentlemen of the Jungle

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Essay: The Gentlemen of the Jungle

The Gentlemen of the Jungle have many characters that represent the occupiers of horn Africa, where the British occupied the land of the east Africans. The lion that is the king of the Jungle represent the general, while the elephant who tricked the protagonist and occupied his hut and the Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Alligator, Fox, and Leopard represents the jury, that is supposed to fair and repute for their impartiality in justice. “…. For the members of the commission were all men of repute for their impartiality in justice, and as they were gentlemen chosen by God…”. They clearly sound like they praise to justice, but they will not let the man who rightfully owns the hut have a member on his side. The story shows us how the east Africans was treated, and not given a chance do defend themselves and the occupiers’ word was law.

The message of this fairy tale is how hard it is to make peace, when there are so many greedy people in the world and what it sometimes takes to make peace. The protagonist built a hut, and willingly invited the elephant’s truck inside when it was raining, and the elephant flung the man out of the hut. The man did not invite the elephant in, so he could get kicked out. But he did it to help out of generosity. Even though it is just a story, this has happened before in real life, where the super powers colonize other countries, kick them out, and just to fair they their ministers appoint a commission of Enquiry who somehow always is on the super powers side. “Ng’enda thi ndagaga motegi” there is nothing that treads on the earth that cannot be trapped. “Peace is costly, but it’s worth the expense” And that was exactly was the man was trying to prove in the end, and successfully happened.

Peace, justices, injustice, friendship, trust. The Gentlemen of the Jungle has a lot of themes. The lions wants ‘peace and tranquillity’ in his kingdom, but does not do anything about it other than ordering with...
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