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Topics: Bible, Book of Genesis, God Pages: 4 (718 words) Published: April 17, 2015
Ivana Valeriani
Professor Katherine Baker
ENG 231
July 12, 2014
Messages from Genesis
The book of Genesis is one that presents a number of themes and messages to readers, given that it is the opening book of the Bible. These themes are organized in a sequential and easy-to-understand manner so that it introduces the basic foundation of Christianity. Therefore, the general aim of Genesis is to explain the nature of Christianity in terms of its values and how things should be done according to Christian principles. However, a deeper analysis of the book reveals a lot more messages engraved in the story. For starters, the book of Genesis makes an attempt to reveal the nature of God to Christians. As this is the first book of the Bible, there is need to introduce the supreme God so that readers can get a feel of the nature of the entity that they are worshipping. This happens right from the first sentence, where it can be noted that God existed even before the creation of the world (Hendel 32). This segment vividly suggests the supreme nature of God, as He has been in existence since ancient time. Further, the book of Genesis portrays God as very powerful, essentially omnipotent, not only because He was the sole creator of heavens and earth but also because He did the creation through His own spoken words. Therefore, Genesis emphasizes the supreme nature of God, hence worthy of worship. The book of Genesis also gives the message that faith is a very important value that every Christian should posses. Abraham is used in the book to explain this point and is even referred to as the ‘father of faith’. For one, Abraham is told by God to leave his home and go to a place He would show him (Hendel 32). He is the man that without doubts, without any hesitation or questioning, organizes his family and leaves the place they called home for a long time. Moreover, he never lost faith that God would give him a much-desired son, whom he would name Isaac. But the strongest...

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