The gathering

Topics: Nazism, Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: October 29, 2013
The Gathering portrays the dark side of human nature do you agree?

Yes, I agree that The Gathering portrays the dark side of human nature. The novel shows how peoples behavior has not changed over time or through different cultures. It shows how "Evil and good are potentials in all of us but you have a choice whether or not to be evil because you can choose to not do evil things" (Nathaniel's mom, page 149). The novel shows how "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts completely" (Nathaniel's mom, page 151).

Danny's story of him being held down by the policemen while a dog mauled him shows how even a group of people that are in a position to protect us can use their authority in a destructive manner. The police who are supposed to be good and honest are actually corrupt. They support the evil in Cheshunt and enforce Mr Karle's ideas of the law, such as the curfew and the community committee. The police in Cheshunt either stand by and do nothing as people are bullied or oppressed or are part of the bullying and oppressing themselves.

The dark side of human nature is also portrayed by the references to nazi ideology. The third reich is commonly referred to as one of the darkest moments in modern history, where an estimated 10 million people were persecuted and killed by nazis because no one was willing to acknowledge what was happening and do something about it. This bears many similarities to The Gathering in that one person or entity (Mr Karle) has succeeded in brainwashing everyone (but The Chain) to follow his beliefs because of man's need to succumb so easily to what is easier but not necessarily what is right. Carmody also relates various aspects of the novel to parts of nazism. "A youth militia. Like Hitler's Jugend" (Nathaniel, page 196) is an one example from when Nathaniel finds out that Mr Karle might be planning on spreading his evil through the use of gangs of children.

The gangs that Mr Karle uses are another example of the dark side...
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