The Game O Life

Topics: Better, Want, Louis XIV of France Pages: 3 (1136 words) Published: August 4, 2013
The Game of Life

My way, or theory of how to win the game of life.. May not be the most moral of deeds. But I believe when done right, with the helping hand of manipulation, deceiving, and using trust & support against them at the right moment – that is one great way to get far in life. For myself personally, if you are in my way to get where I want my future to be, my future family and friends I will go right over you in order to secure my life. One man from history, that we’ve recently talked about that I can see doing this was Louis XIV – though he did do lots of wrongs such as doing so many things that angered people and not doing things in a subtle and discrete way. I believe that man is a free-for-all type of race in the sense when it comes to the secure future they can see in their path if they were to put the work into it, maybe not in times of distress and yearning though. Those who are in the way will just get trampled over, life is brutish and short. You must be the alpha male if you want to live the life you hear so much about winning or seeing others live wishing you were in their shoes.

I really do believe that its human nature to want to succeed your bloodline, your genes for the future generations of your tree to continue. Though it may need to be brutish and emotionless to your fellow man, it’s all in our instinct to be the best and surpass one another in order for your genes to thrive. It may be human nature to connect with one another and try to help each other, but in times where one can see the future in their hands – they will do anything it takes to grip it firmly in their hands and theirs only. The world isn’t a fine and dandy place from what I’ve heard, so why should I sacrifice my future for people I will never meet again and will triumph over them?

Now for trust and support that humans tend to rely on, for my theory I believe these are things you can use against someone to be able to get closer to your dream life. All you...
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