The Game of Pool: Eight Ball vs. Nine Ball

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The Game of Pool: Eight Ball vs. Nine Ball
Carla Ortiz
ENG 121
Instructor Shayla Gordon
November 1, 2012

The Game of Pool: Eight Ball vs. Nine Ball
The game of pool, for many people, may be a fun activity to enjoy with friends, but to those who shoot pool on an American Pool players Association (APA) or Canadian Pool players Association (CPA) league, it is more than just fun. The game of Eight-ball, as well as, Nine-ball is a rewarding sport with many rules and regulations that vary. Many of these rules are similar but do vary and it is important to know what the differences are before choosing which branch of the APA/CPA league to play for. Knowing the terminology, their meanings and becoming acquainted with a general description for each branch is essential in learning the rules to the game.

Eight-ball is played with a cue ball and a normal rack of 15 object balls. The object of this game is for one player to pocket all of the solid colored balls, numbers one through seven or the striped balls, numbers nine through 15 and then mark and pocket the eight ball before the opposing team member. The choice of ball to be pocketed is either made when one or more balls are pocketed during the initial break or if no balls are pocketed at this time, it is the choice of the opposing team member. For each branch, a method used to begin the match is a lag. Each player simultaneously shoots a ball from behind the head string striking the foot rail. The player, who returns their ball closest to the head rail, wins the lag and the break of the first game.

Ball-in-hand (BNH) is the result of a foul. This is when the opposing player takes possession of the ball. If the foul occurred during the break, the cue ball is placed behind the head string. If the foul occurs at any other time during the game, the cue ball may be placed anywhere on the table.

There is a marked difference in the racking method for each branch. Eight-ball requires all 15 balls to be racked...

References: The Official APA/CPA 8-Ball & 9-Ball Game Rules Booklet (March 2012)
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