The Game of Life

Topics: Board game, Game, The Game of Life Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Macie Cotter
Prof. Reed
Composition 1
14 October 2013
Rhetorical Analysis
As children are growing older they will always experience some if any interaction with any type of games in their lives. Having a way that shapes the challenges that you face in your life will help you with many things that you have to face and make it much easier to deal with because you’ve had the experience with problem solving. The Game of life or also known as LIFE is a board game that focusses on real life situations that people face in their lives. It is basically a stimulation of a person life and the choices that they make during it. This is a game is recommended for the ages of nine and up. Players earn and lose money as they play and must have a specific amount of money at the end of the game to get a specific amount of money at the end of the game to get the best possible outcome. It is required to have two to six players. The players must spin a numbered wheel to advance on the track that they travel that is numbered 1 through 10. Each player gets a small plastic car with holes to place the people pegs and it is either blue, red, green, yellow, white, or orange. There will be people pegs added to the car when you are married or have any children. Each space has a player performing a different action that relates to important life issues. You can decide to go down one of two paths: College or Career. This is how the game gets rolling and once you pick your path to take then you spin to see what space that you go to. The college path is to help you later in the game to get a better and higher paying job. The career path allows you to just skip college and go straight to finding a job. It is a fun game to play but has serious parts about it that relate more to real life like choosing to go to college and things that have to deal with finances. You do good deeds to get Life tiles and to earn money. There spaces on the board are all colored differently that all have separate...
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