The Game Changer: A Rescript of Macbeth

Pages: 3 (645 words) Published: April 5, 2013
The Game Changer

Name – Amiya Shreyas

Macbeth – ( Ijaz Ahmed) A veteran cricketer who has often disciplinary record against him but is cited for his skills and performance. New Charecter – (Waqar Ahmed ) - Brother of Izaz Ahmed, A politician of the ruling party in the country whose father holds a higher authority in the government. Banquo – (Asruddhin Butt) - Another young promising cricketer from the country who is yet to prove his worth. New Character – (Naseer Butt ) – Brother of Asruddhin Butt and belongs to opposition party. Duncan – (Iftikar Alam) – A true leader and the captain of the national cricket team. Witches – ( Yusuf Azzam ) – A corrupt official in the Cricket Board Macduff – (Abdullah Javed ) –A opposition leader who was deported from the country and was banned from entering for next 15 years. New Character – (Umar Queresshi) – A match fixer.

The story revolves around a Islamic Dictatorial country where no decision can be taken without the authority. They have just won the Cricket World Cup in which Ijaz Ahmed played a vital role in winning along with Asruddhin Butt. The whole country was in joy and the win was celebrated as the best thing ever to happen. One day, Ijaz Ahmed got a call from Yusuf Azam, and he told Ijaz that he was going to be promoted for the post of Vice – Captain and although Asruddhin is pretty young, he (Asruddhin) might give a tough competition to his Position and place in the team. Soon an official announcement was made by the Cricketing board of the country that Izaz is going to be the next vice-captain and Asruddhin will be featuring in the team as a permanent member. However Izaz Ahmed’s brother persuaded him to aim for the Captainship anyhow and then both brother planned to kill Iftikar Alam by inviting Alam to his office and killed him stating that he was caught in middle of encounter between Military and terrorist. On the potential, Izaz was made the Captain and now his...
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