The Game Changer

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The Game Changer

MiaLissa Tompkins


Dr. Bartletson

Spring 10’

According to Lafley and Charan’s Game-changer essay, Procter and Gamble was a company that made a major impact on the way that businesses offered products to its customers by actually considering the wants, needs, and desires of their clients. By doing market research this forever changed the goods and services industry. Proctor and Gamble considered identifying their customer as the “WHO” and getting to know the needs, beliefs, aspirations, and desires of their target audience. By doing this, the company took their ideas a step further and created subgroups to design specific goods and services for. This same concept can be used in the field of education. To some extent, education is a business, with administrative leaders as the business executives who head its initiatives. In this case, the ‘WHO” that is considered in this situation would be the students, parents, and other stakeholders involved with a particular school system. It is because of this concept that our society has differing variations of school systems. For example, public school, private school, and charter school systems differ depending on the “WHO” that the system is targeting to serve. This idea can also be applied to the college system as well. Community colleges, universities, technical colleges are all circumstances that serve the needs and ideas of the “WHO” that is being targeted. Even in these systems, the audiences are broken down into subcategories depending on the grade level, course, degree program, and in some cases even gender, or race in the case of historically black college universities (HBCU’s).

UMBC is an Honors University that is located in Baltimore County, MD. It highlights undergraduate degree programs in areas such as physical and biological science, engineering, mathematics, social and behavioral sciences. The university also offers graduate programs in education, psychology, engineering, information technology, and public policy. The campus has been praised for its diverse population that includes 16.5% African-Americans, 21.2% Asian American, 4% Hispanics. In order to consistently meet the needs of the students that it serves, UMBC must first identify the type of student or audience that it is looking to serve(UMBC,2009). Since this school is considered an Honors University, then the type of student that will be accepted to the university must be one who holds a particular GPA, and is looking to major in one of the areas that is offered in the university. Of course, the best way to find these types of students would be to offer a dual enrollment program to high school seniors, who possess the criteria to participate in this program. For each semester, fall and spring, 50 high school seniors from area schools would be enrolled into the program. Students would have an opportunity to take a general education course and an elective for each semester. By participating in this program, the students would be eligible for early decision status if it was their desire to attend this school. Through this initiative, students could receive a waiver on their application fee as an incentive to apply to the school. Within a three year time frame, an additional 100 students could potentially be a part of the school enrollment. A second way is to offer a scholarship to the university, citing criteria that are parallel to student admission as the qualifications for the scholarship application. Recruiters could also contact high schools in diverse areas or districts who may have special college prep or magnet programs that are very similar to the program offerings of the university.

It is the goal of any business or organization to produce a reliable product that will attract and retain the interest of the customer. This is also the same case in an educational setting. In order to do this UMBC would have to survey their...

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UMBC: About UMBC. (2009, October 12). UMBC: An Honors University in Maryland . Retrieved June 12, 2010, from
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