The Gallipoli Campaign

Topics: Australia, Gallipoli Campaign, English-language films Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: May 24, 2013
The Gallipoli campaign had such an impact because of the naivety of those in charge, who believed that we would just come in and take over with little to no retaliation from the Turks, however as we know the Turkish retaliated with great force and on the first day 2000 were killed. I believe it was this number that really made the Gallipoli campaign catch the eye of the Australian people, the number was so large after the first day of fighting that Australian people’s eyes were opened to the horror and bloodshed of war. Also some Australian people were completely against the troops being there the especially after such heavy loss, they argued that it was a waste of perfectly good troops and that nothing was to be gained. Another reason that Gallipoli was so memorable was that the conditions the troops were living in were detestable, little to no sanitation, the constant spreading of sickness and disease, lack of water and very little food, the dead left to rot away and the fact that the troops were constantly fighting day and night and were always fatigued. Another reason is that the Gallipoli campaign was deemed as a complete failure in the sense that it was hasty and not properly planned because of the attack on the Dardanelles failing and then the Australian troops being dropped off at the wrong beach. But despite all the hardships the Gallipoli campaign also brought out some of the best in our soldiers, their strong sense of mateship, patriotism, loyalty, chivalry and courage. I think out of all of these qualities courage stands out most in the sense that the soldiers who put their lives on the line were sons, brothers, fathers all leaving behind family and friends in search of adventure but also to fight for their country, they were aware of the danger and yet still went to fight. This I believe is another reason the Gallipoli campaign is memorable, as we look back on those men and cannot begin to imagine how hard it must have been and how courageous one...
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