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The Future of writing

By toobadbro Sep 29, 2014 517 Words
The Future of Writing
A question asked by many, does technology hurt student writing. The article itself published by On Campus newspaper on March 2005 gives insight on both sides of the story. Two professors give their input on how technology improves writing or affects writing. Norm Goldstein states that it does affect student writing skills by getting them use to internet slang and word abbreviations. On the other hand Clinton R. Gardner states that it does nothing but advance student writing skills by helping them share their work with the rest of the internet. Technology can be detrimental to students writing skills because it stops the advancement of self-thought. Technology makes it easier for students to write and it makes students lazy. For instance, Microsoft Word it gives students an edge and corrects majority of the spelling and grammar mistakes. Students lose the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and different ways to correct them. Also technology gives students the window to plagiarize more easily. With all these different ways of writing online students don’t feel the need to correct every mistake they make.

Students and teenagers all over the world safely spend seventy percent of their time on their cell phones or computers on social networking sites. Students get into the habit of using text language on formal essays and papers. Even while texting and typing online every misspelled word is corrected by programs on the phone or computer called autocorrect. Majority of the words in the internet language have an abbreviation or shorter way to write it. This results careless and dull writing in students who have become accustom to misusing technology. Technology is supposed to aid students become better writer but unfortunately it has backfired because they have used it unenthusiastically.

On the other hand, when writing on paper students are able to see where they are lacking, whether it be spelling, grammar, or punctuation. It also gives the teacher a better idea on where his/her students are intellectually. Students are also offered the ability to become more dependent on their own skills verses a computer screen. Writing without the help of technology helps students become more self-reliant and also lessens the frequency of online slang, when writing on paper students are better able to think thoughts through without the distraction of the internet. Writing on paper not only helps students become more aware of their skills but it also helps challenge them academically because they have to correct their own mistakes.

Therefore, technology lowers the ability for self-reliance, it becomes the power source for one’s brain without providing the knowledge needed to carry on without help. Technology is useful but students have not used it in a positive way. Yes, it does make life simpler but it also causes students to become lazy and unmotivated to do things on their own. Technology not only slows down mental development but it also provides many distractions, which why students have such a low attention span. Consequently, technology is detrimental to students because it does stop the advancement of self-thought.

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