The Future of Television

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The future of television
In brief, television have 3 main development in the future,3d tv, handheld tv and Quattron TV those development will change people lifestyle.

Quattron, which invented by sharp and detruded in 2010. The lowest priced of a 40 inched quattron tv cost 1,799. This technology using a fourth color sub pixel, to compare with the standard RGB color sub pixels, Quattron add yellow on it, sharp stressed that Quattron increases the range of displayable colors and the main feature is it made picture more vivid, as it achieve a 10% wider range of colors than the ordinary TV. While people always doubt that LCD TV have the power consumption problem, Quattron can be more brightness with lower power because yellow is the best color to make pictures brighter with less power, according to sharp, Quattron approximately reduce 30% power consumption, therefore we can see that in the future Quattron TV will be popular

Another main development is 3DTV, in the October 2010, Toshiba launched th first autostereoscopic (which mean it is glass free) LCD 3D TV sets with HD resolution. The new Toshiba LCD panel can eliminates blurring or the vertical wave pattern. Although Toshiba still facing many kinds of problems like the cost is quite expensive and they can only produce the 12 and 20 inch model, which mean in this time the autostereoscopic technique cannot be used on big screen like the 40 inch model tv, 3DTV are still going to hit the mainstream, as the 3D channels are developing quickly. Staring in 2008 Japan, Australia, US and Brazil are having 3DTV programme to broadcast like Japanese cable channel BS11 or the ESPN 3D.until November 2010, there were eight 3D channels broadcasting to Europe. To sum up, 3d broadcasting is a trend and 3dtv are going to be a new standard.

TVB variety show
One of the most famous tvb programme is YET, enjoy yourself tonight it first aired in 1967 and run for 27 years, E Y T is the world’s longest running live shows as...
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