The Future of Television

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Understanding TV

The Future of Television

Television the ever present box that we all grow up with was and is many things not only the babysitter that we plop our kids in front of but was many source of our entertain and information for many year but the nature of television is change. In today modern world television is a changing medium and in todays Internet and multi screens age. With the rise of more portable devices like tablet and smart phones As well as Internet service such as Netflix’s. The transformation of television is being pushed stared by the Internet more and more the ability to watch progams on different device is just becoming more and more convent. I idea of watching what you when you watch it and how you watch it is very appealing to most viewers. And how the big company accomplishes these questions will determine the future of television.

The issue when they watch is a hard one do they w¬atch I live witch traditionally is how most people watched or DVR it and watch it at the time most convenient time to them and even though this seem good it cause problems for both the advises and companies. For the fact is that most people that dvr there skip though the commercials. And this may pose some problems to advisers recent studies show “Against almost every expectation, nearly half of all people watching delayed shows are still slouching on their couches watching messages about movies, cars and beer. According to Nielsen, 46 percent of viewers 18 to 49 years old for all four networks taken together are watching the commercials during playback, up slightly from last year.” [Carter 5]. And though the idea of dvr worried advertiser at proved to be a minor issue. The increasing ease of being able watch or download videos of your favorite TVs show s online may end up being an issue that has to be faced in the future of television.

The issue of how views will watch is some thing that has to be broken up into two segments. Frist and...
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