The Future of Pakistan

Topics: George Bernard Shaw, Political corruption, Sovereign state Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: July 21, 2013
The exercise of pondering over the future of Pakistan essentially boils down to suggesting that several things might happen over the next few years in Pakistan-or that, just possibly, none of them will. A rather foggy crystal ball, for Pakistan’s future is as ambiguous and confusing as its past. The existential dilemma appears to be that while Pakistan is not a “failed state”, if an ill-governed one, it has since its birth been a “failing nation”. Pakistan is emphatically not a “country on the brink”, it is a nation without “a national purpose, notably the ambiguous but generous role accorded to Islam since 1947, which has restricted its progress ever since”. My own view is that while Islam is what unites Pakistan, it is Islamisation that divides it-for. As a nation we all hang our heads in shame. While our own corrupt government takes a toll and corrupts our society, where people try to weed out corruption. However, this shame has been the hallmark of Pakistan for some time now. Shame that we have shunned and rejected popular Islam; that we have been indoctrinate with a thoughtless but institutionalized version of it; that the strong have continued to trample and crush the is a tragedy that religious belief has been transformed into political ideology. Our nation and societies are not only fragmented but shredded into pieces and that we have given prominence to religious orthodoxy that promotes intolerance and discourages education, which in case is the key to hope. In short we contaminated Pakistan. But there is still hope, hope in promoting education among the youth. The Irish playwright and co-founder of the London school of economics, George Bernard Shaw, once said: “what we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child”. He believed that learning brought a person out of darkness through the gate of knowledge to the orbit of life. Only then could life become “a perpetual song in an...
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