The Future of Education

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The Future of Education
            The public school system in America is not meeting American officials’ standard or the levels they want. They are not providing proficient knowledge to the students to get them to the next grade. Waiting for “Superman” is a documentary, directed by Davis Guggenheim, which looks into the different ways in which education is failing students and the development of the American public education system throughout the years. Through the eyes of five children who go through regular public education and everyday pressures, Guggenheim presents the different and difficult options that have hope to change the American education system and the repercussions of it. The American education system is broken because the American government is inconsistent decisions about the education system, very little regulations to guarantee high quality teachers, and low income families who are unable to ensure that their children will receive a proper education.             The highly praised, no child left behind act was passed in the year 2001, stated that no child would left behind in there schools; this documentary clearly shows how America is continuing to leave their students behind at shocking rates. No one in this country seems to be looking out for the students well being and future. Randi Weingarten, an American labor leader, and the current president of the American Federation of Teachers, which has more than a million and a half members, was portrayed as the villain in the film. She gained her fame and publicity on speaking out for the benefit of teacher. She is known to resists innovation, tolerates decline, and worst of all she protects lousy teachers at the expense of innocent schoolchildren. If this kind of publicity was given towards the students our school system would not need these teachers unions she is forming. If a teacher’s duty is to help a child learn, they should not be finding ways to benefit themselves. They took this role...

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